12 Things That Google Knows About You: Mainly, Google knows everything that you search on google’s browser. so, it’s very necessary to know what type of thing google knows about us. here you get the list of 12 Things That Google Knows About You.

Google Knows about You

  • Google Chrome
  • YouTube
  • Maps
  • Hangouts
  • Photos
  • Calendar
  • Search
  • Gmail
  • Shopping
  • Googles ADS
  • Google Drive
  • Google News

Google Knows about You-edueasify

Here’s What Google Knows About You

Here, are the 12 Things That Google Knows About You. we will discuss each aspect of the google application. which help you a most.

1Google Chrome: Browning History and Website Visited: Through Chrome Browser, Google knows about the browning History of the websites that you visited.

2YouTube: Video Watched and Uploaded. Google knows you about the Video Watched and uploaded by you. If you want to watch the video, then you may watch it on YouTube. So, YouTube saves the watch history and the list of videos that you have uploaded on YouTube.

3Maps: Location Visited and Place Searched. By Maps, Google knows the Location Visited and Place Searched by the people. so, the google map maintains a location track record that you have visited.

4Hangouts: Contact Conversation. Hangouts are normally used to send a message to other friends, family members, and so on. Thus, Google Hangouts is able to watch and read our Contact conversations.

5Photos: People and Place Tagged. In Photos apps, you may upload many photos. Where you also tagged the people. So, Google should know about the people you tagged and the places you visit with them.

6Calendar: Upcoming Plans and Appointments. The calendar is used to save our upcoming plans and appointment. Therefore, if you use Google calendar then Google knows your plans.

7Search: Queries Searched. You can search for anything that you have queries about. So, Google knows the queries you have. And show you an advertisement related to them.

8Gmail: Contact and Email Send. Gmail is used to send emails. If you are using Gmail to send an email. Google knows the contact and list of mail send to others. they know about the conversation that you made with other people.

9Shopping: Products searched and Clicked On. Products are searched on Google and also click on these products. when you search for any product on google, they will record the same in the database and recommend you the same product advertisement. so you can shop it.

10Google Ads: Ads Clicked and Topic Interested In. You click on any ads shown by Google and the topic interested in. and then Google knows you very well about your interest.

11Google Drive: Files Uploaded. Drive is normally used to save our files. So, if you upload any file on Google drive then Google knows the file we have uploaded on the drive.

12Google News: News Site Viewed. If we visit any news site on Google, they maintain search history.

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