we give you a list of the 6 Best Useful Websites for Stock Photos. Stock Photos of these Websites will be used in your Blog and Social Media posts.

6 Best Useful Websites for Stock Photos

If you are a blogger or Web Developer, then you need a variety of photo collections for your BlogSpot and Web Design. Most Importantly, it is necessary to have Copyright-free images. because of that, you require a Copyrights Free Stock Photos.  Thus, below mention the 6 Best Useful Websites for Stock Photos that help you in Finding the Best Stock Images.

You can use all images for free for any purpose, even for Commercial Use. Any images or Photos Downloaded from the Free Stock Photos Websites are not requiring any attribution. 

Many times, we are finding the best free image for our projects. For this, we search on Google but it is a copyrighted image. so, we can’t use it for commercial purposes. Sometimes, we are also in trouble for getting the HD Photos.

Therefore, I get the 6 Best Useful Websites for Stock Photos, which I want to share with you. so that, you can also use HD Copyrights free Images for Projects.

Here, are the list of 6 Best Useful Websites for Stock Photos.

1. Unsplash.com

2. Pexels.com

3. Pixabay.com

4. ReShot.com

5. RawPixel.com

6. Photos.Icons8.com

Where We can Use Free Stock Photos?

Free Photo and Images that you can download from the above Websites, and use for any purpose. some of the Usage of Copyright Free Stock Photos are Mention bellows;

  • Use HD Photos for your Blogs and Websites.
  • Copyright Free Stock Photos can be used in making the Social Media Post. For Example, you can use these photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. 
  • Stock Images can be used in making the YouTube Video.

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Can Stock Images be Used for Commercial Use?

There are two types of Stock Images. one which can be required Attribution.  and the Second one is No Attribution is required. Basically, any images which not require any attribution, and it’s called Copyright Free Images. thus, this can be used for any Commercial Purpose.

Bur, when any photos require author or photograph attribution, then you cannot use these images for commercial use. if you want to use these photos then you need to pay for them. you need a license for the copyright owner and Distributor for Commercial Use.

What are Royalty-Free Images?

When you can buy a Unique License from the Original Copyright Owner or Distributor for the usage of that photo is called a Royalty Free Image

Once, you get the Unique License of Images from the owner then you can use this Photo permanently for any projects. and, you don’t need to renew the License of Royalty-Free Images.

Share our blog “6 Best Useful Websites for Stock Photos” with your friends. so that, they can also use Copyright Free HD Images in their blogs and websites. Which Websites you can use for downloading the Copyright Free Images, mentioned in the comment section below.

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