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Determined not to mess with success, “Only Murder in the structure” returns with another season that tone- purposely plays with its powers, while uncovering a new riddle set by its thriller over the old. flattens. With so numerous catchy references to that “Season 2” ( podcast, naturally, but you get the idea), it’s all fun and pleasurable.

After working on a murder that captures their first adventure, the doubtful triad of Charles( Steve Martin), Oliver( Martin Short) and Mabel( Selena Gomez) turn their attention to their coming neighbors dead. Plus, he has new bijous to spice up the proceedings, like Amy Schumer as Amy Schumer, who introduces Oliver to the incontinently open idea of turning a podcast into a limited series because, well, showbiz.

Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez are back on the case in 'Only Murders in the Building.'
Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez are back on the case in ‘Only Murders in the Building.’

It may be harder than it sounds, but the show presents it well — hiring emigrant fibbers, chancing a new( and humiliating) acting job for Charles, and the binary part of Jane Lynch. Or do further work for him. Doing. Tina Fanny’s ruthless podcaster and her stalking adjunct.

Formerly again, the riddle itself is not all that important, as the occurrences move forward with colorful hints and exposures when the utmost of their enjoyment is deduced from awkward moments, similar to a power outage when paying homage to the short film” Ultimate”. Stuck in the graduation during the Mohicans”.

While the show may not look relatively fresh this alternate time around, it benefits greatly from small traces and a general preoccupation with true crime. In practice, the timing of his comeback seems designed to maximize his performance in many weeks with the coming round of Emmy nominations, which worked out veritably well for “Ted Lasso.”

“You could say this is our alternate season,” Oliver says at one point, pertaining to the podcast, but like everything then, Hollywood provides a kind of meta-commentary on the show’s performance.

You really can, but that does not stop “Only Murder” from living up to its modestly measured intentions and busting them out formerly again.

The alternate season of” Only Murder in the structure” debuts on Hulu on June 28.

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