Modi's Guarantee on PSU Stocks Sparks Market Surge 22 Multibaggers, Rs 24 Lakh Crore Profit After PM's Speech
Modi's Guarantee on PSU Stocks Sparks Market Surge 22 Multibaggers, Rs 24 Lakh Crore Profit After PM's Speech

Modi’s Guarantee on PSU Stocks: The Indian stock market has been buzzing with excitement lately, thanks to a remarkable resurgence in Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) stocks. This upswing can be largely attributed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent statements expressing confidence in the PSU sector.

The BSE PSU index, also known as the “56-pack,” has witnessed a meteoric rise of 66%, pushing its total market value to a staggering Rs 59.5 lakh crore. This translates to a phenomenal profit of Rs 23.7 lakh crore for investors based on current market prices.

The optimism surrounding PSU stocks is unprecedented, with not a single stock in the index registering negative returns since the Prime Minister’s speech. Even traditionally conservative investors have been swept up in the wave, with even the “least performing” stock, SBI (State Bank of India), experiencing a healthy 12% hike. At the other end of the spectrum, NBCC (National Buildings Construction Corporation) has emerged as the undisputed champion, recording a phenomenal 249% growth in a remarkably short period.

This bullish trend is widely attributed to the Prime Minister’s unwavering support for PSU stocks. His assurances have acted as a powerful catalyst, injecting confidence into the market and prompting investors to jump on board. As a result, Modi’s Guarantee on PSU Stocks, PSU stocks have scaled new heights, rewarding investors with significant profits.

With the market still basking in the positive sentiment generated by the Prime Minister’s speech, analysts are eagerly watching the situation unfold, anticipating further developments and potential opportunities in the PSU sector. This remarkable success story serves as a powerful testament to the influence of government policy and leadership in shaping market sentiment and investor confidence.

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