10 basics of Investing for beginners: it will help you in making an investment. Here, we discuss the most important topic “10 basics of Investing for Beginner.” I hope this will help you in making your first investment.

Basics of Investing

  • Decide your financial Goal
  • Risk Factor
  • Expected Return
  • Risk V/S Return
  • Period of Investment
  • Know Different Assets classes
  • Right Assets Allocation
  • Know about Market Trends
  • Learn about Diversification
  • Financial Literacy

let’s check 10 Basics of Investing for Beginners

  1. Decide your financial Goal: Set out your Short Term and Long Term Goals. Thus, I personally advise you to set goals based on your needs.
  1. Risk Factor: Most Important factor of investment is Risk. So that, you decide how much risk you can able to take? If, you take high risk then get a high return. Basically, three types of Risks that every people can take. A risk factor is the most relevant basis for investing.
  • Low Risk
  • Moderate Risk
  • High RiskRisk-vs-Return-edueasify
  1. Expected Return: The amount of money you will expect to receive that called Expected Return. Hence, you will decide what type of return you want. Whether it is Fixed Returns or Variable Returns. Risk is based on your risk horizon.
  1. Risk V/S Return: Direct Relationship between Risk and Return. Higher the Risk than Higher the Return. Similarly, Lower the Risk than Lower the Return. Accept higher risk than there will be chances of getting a higher Profit.
  1. Period of Investment: you want to invest for a short or long duration. People will get more returns if they invest money for a long duration.
  2. Know Different Assets classes: Before investing in any assets, analyze the various classes of Assets. And, also their characteristics.it will help in investing your money.
  3. Right Assets Allocation: Always, do the right proportion of Debt and Equity in your portfolio.
  1. Know about Market Trends: Be aware of the upward and downward trends in the market. Thus, frequently check the fluctuation in the market.
  2. Learn about Diversification: Learn about the Diversification of the fund. And, add to your financial portfolio.
  1. Financial Literacy: You should know about the sources where your money is going. And, what you will get in return.

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Share your view and experience of the first investment with us. If you want to add some more ideas on “10 basics of Investing for Beginners.” then please comment below.


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