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Top 10 Benefits of Giloy: we give you the Top 10 Incredible Benefits of Giloy. also, Other Remedies using Giloy. 10 Incredible Benefits of the Immunity Booster Giloy.

Let’s See Top 10 Incredible Benefits of Giloy

1. Drinking a spoonful of Giloy juice daily during the rainy season reduces the chances of getting sick by 50%.

2. In a deadly disease like cancer, if the patient is made to consume Giloy juice, wheatgrass juice, basil, and neem leaves daily, then there is a lot of relief.

3. By drinking Giloy juice, the complaints of infertility in sisters are also removed.

4. If it is consumed on an empty stomach, then skin diseases like allergies and irritating diseases like pitta are also cured, all types of skin diseases are cured.

5. If churan or powder made from Giloy’s vine is taken daily in the morning with fresh water, then anemia and blood disorders are also removed.

6. The essence made from the vine of Giloy is also very effective for patients with jaundice.

7. If a patient of TB, TB is given giloy juice and honey to be consumed with cardamom, then it will be beneficial.

8. If the juice made from Giloy’s vine is eaten with jaggery, then the disease of constipation is cured.

9. Giloy is also used for the treatment of malaria and dengue disease which is spread by mosquitoes, Giloy helps in increasing platelets.

10. If Soth is consumed with Giloy, then there is relief in Vata diseases and joint stiffness is removed.

Incredible Benefits of the Immunity Booster Giloy

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Other Remedies using Giloy-“Incredible Benefits of the Immunity Booster Giloy

Giloy plant is like a vine and its leaves are like betel leaves. Calcium, protein, and phosphorus are found in high amounts in this plant. It is diuretic and anti-phlegm. Through its use, the body gets the power to fight against other diseases and at the same time, the lack of blood is also removed. It should be consumed daily with ghee or honey.

Jaundice is cured by consuming Giloy. Jaundice is cured by eating powder of Giloy, powder of black pepper, and powder of Triphala.

Break some leaves of the Giloy plant, extract its juice and prepare a decoction by mixing it with neem leaves and amla. By drinking this prepared decoction, the burning of the feet ends.

Putting Giloy in water after heating it a little and putting it in the ears, the dirt of the ear comes out.

All diseases of the stomach are cured by eating Giloy juice and honey.

 Remedies using Giloy-edueasify

The person who is suffering from itching, grind Giloy leaves and mix turmeric in them, and apply it to the itchy area ends itching. Along with this, the patient should also drink Giloy juice and honey mixed. Due to this, the disease scabies gets cured soon.

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