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Get a clear idea of the Difference Between Form 16 and Form 26AS. Form 16 is mandatory for salaried employees whose taxable income is more than the basic exemption limit.

If during the Financial year, your TDS has been deducted then you should receive Form 16 as evidence against that TDS Amount.

Similar to Form 16, some of you may receive Form 16A, Form 16B, or Form 16C. but, What is Form 26AS, and how it is different from Form 16? Let’s find out.

if you are a salaried employee then you receive a Form 16 from your employer. Form 16 is issued on yearly basis for a tax deduction in income from salary and Form 16A is issued on a quarterly basis for a tax deduction on incomes other than salary.

Difference Between Form 16 and Form 26AS

  1. Form16 is the TDS Certificate that Your TDS Deductor issues. e.g. Employer. While Form 26AS is the TDS Statement which shows how much TDS amount has actually been deposited with the government.
  2. Form 16 contains the full details about the amount paid and TDS deducted along with the complete calculations. However, Form 26AS only shows the total amount and Total TDS Deduction (updated as of date ) without any detailed calculations.
  3. In case of a mismatch of TDS Amount in Form 16 and Form 26AS, We should follow the details as per Form 26AS and file returns accordingly.

However, we should also intimate our TDS Deductor/employer to rectify the mismatch if any.

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