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Corporate Lessons from Political Happenings in Maharashtra: The politics of Maharashtra has created an entire book of lessons for all of us. let’s learn the Corporate Lessons from Maharashtra Politics.

The Shiv Sena government in Maharashtra is facing its worst political crisis since it came to power in 2019.

Let’s see the 6 Corporate Lessons from Politics of Maharashtra

  1. Top Boss must be accessible to ALL: MLAs rebelled due to inaccessible CM.
  2. Wrong business Alliances can break your company: SS entered into an alliance that was against the political ideology. Cultural integration became an issue but ultimately failed.
  3. If unemployed, be ready to accept one level down position: Devendra Fadanvis assumed the post of Deputy CM after serving as the CM in his last stint.
  4. Experience is superior to inheritance: 2/3 of the MLAS supported Mr. Shinde who is a homegrown talent of the party over the political heirs of Late Shri Balasaheb Thackeray.
  5. Do not neglect your middle management: a neglected middle manager can be the future CEO of another company.
  6. When the other party needs an alliance: negotiate hard NCP and INC grabbed meaty portfolios in the previous govt. They were aware of the shorter life span of the alliance.

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