Selling your product is one of the key reasons we sell, I have a few tips you should try out that would boost your sales. Here, are the 6 Tips that Help Boost Sales on Instagram.

Instagram Sales Strategy

  • Get a Marketing Strategy
  • Fix Your Focus
  • Create an Online Question and Answer
  • Fix Your Bio
  • Use your Product Picture
  • State your Price

“Your ideal customer is that person who appreciates the value you bring to her life with your publications”

Let’s Check 6 Tips that Help Boost Sales on Instagram

1Get a Marketing Strategy: First, have a marketing strategy, this is a plan of action designed to promote and sell a product or service. Whether you are an online or offline vendor you need to have some plans. You don’t have a plan at all. you are just posting with no plan and expecting customers to slide in. Let me laugh please because it cant work. Get a plan for your business.

2Fix Your Focus: Once, you fix your Marketing Strategy, then proceed with being focused on getting more customers than followers. provide your tribe or followers with solutions. build trust, and see how they trust you with their money. Don’t be so carried away with getting the following rating get paying customers. The energy you put into getting followers, Channel it to getting Customers. Visit the customer location using their hashtags and pages they could be.

3Create an Online Question and Answer: Get to know who is following you. with that, you can create a customer avatar. with a customer avatar, you can pinpoint your customer needs and work towards them.

4Fix Your Bio: Have a banger Bio. what is your bio saying about your business? Bio is the first set of things people see when you are followed or searched for. so, could you fix it? Let it be appealing to the eye of your potential customers.  I have a guide on how to write a perfect bio on my page check it on our page edueasify.

5Use your Product Picture: Take a good product picture, use props and proper lighting for that The quality of your pictures matters to your viewer. put in the energy to take amazing pictures of your product. When you use Good Picture then viewers are attracted. but, using Bad Picture clients can run away

6State your Price: State your price in the caption, Stop telling the customer to DM you for price. it is a huge turn-off for some customers when they see “DM FOR PRICE”. State your price anyone comfortable will buy. It saves you the excess stress of chatting for so long with customers and not concluding the price.

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I have shared my knowledge, do you find 6 Tips that Help Boost Sales on Instagram useful. if yes, then share with the vendor and your friends.


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