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we give you 16 Skills You Need to learn for Better Investor.  Skills that are require for becoming a better Investor. Basics Skills of Successful Investor.

Investing Skills are the key for Success and for the Wealth Creation for everyone. Thus, If you want to earn a good money, learn first then apply into your business to earn a lots of money.

Every  Successful Businessmen are the Successful Investor. so, before become a Investor, be a good Learner. hence, it help you in building your net worth.

 “How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case.” – Robert G. Allen

Basics Skills of Successful Investor

Before doing something, you all need to learn the basic Skills that require to become a master in the field of Investing. Here, are the 16 Skills that you should consider learning to become a better Investor.

  1. Fundamental Analysis
  2. Technical Analysis
  3. Read Financial Statements
  4. Emotional Control
  5. Using Spreadsheet
  6. Basic Accounting
  7. Tax Efficiency
  8. Human Psychology
  9. Macro Economics
  10. Micro Economics
  11. Long Term Thinking
  12. Industry Specific Skills
  13. Self Reflection
  14. Combating Biases
  15. Inquisitive Thinking
  16. Filtering Information

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How many of these Skills do you have right now?, please tell us on comment section below.


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