How to Get a Copy of Your Federal Tax Return from IRS

You can get copies of your last 7 years of Tax Returns from the IRS.

The IRS charges $43 for each return you request.

IRS may take up to 75 days to process your request and Send a Tax Return Copy to You.

To get a complete copy of a previously filed tax return, along with all attachments (including Form W-2), submit Form 4506, Request for Copy of Tax Return

If you filed a joint return for any of the years you are requesting copies, then you must provide your spouse’s name and Social Security number on Form 4506

If you want your tax return sent directly to a third party, you can enter their name, address, and phone number on line 5 of Form 4506

You can get a transcript or a copy of a tax return to prove your income for a loan, housing, or benefits.

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