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5 Rule of Wealth




In Simple Term, Wealth means having possessions of valuable Assets or Money. our 5 rule of wealth help to build up a new Business empire. Here, Assets includes two type of assets. One is financial assets and other one is tangible assets. Wealth includes a very large quantity of valuable financial assets and other tangible physical assets. Cash, Stocks, Share, Bonds, Mutual funds, and bank deposits are all are famous examples of financial assets. And, tangible physical assets include Real estate Like Land and Property, infrastructure and commodities.

Assets are the lifeblood of the economy. Because, having a more asset is a symbol of wealth. And, more assets enabling us to create wealth.

5 Rule of Wealth 

Wealth is very important aspect of every successful person. Thus, in this article we discuss the 5 Rule of Wealth. That can help you to create wealth. If you want to become Successful person then, follows the below mentioned 5 Rule of Wealth.

Rule No.1: Save at Least 10% of what you earn.
Normally, every person earn money but out of them few people save money. So, you want to create a wealth, try to build a habit to saving at least 10% of what you earn.

Rule No.2: Invest your money so it will Multiply.
Always invest your money into Assets.  Because spare money does not have any value increment. Invest in Real Estate property, and share market. so that, your wealth will be multiply.

Rule No.3: Don’t fall for get-rich-quick scams. Only invest in what you know.
Never invest in a greedy scheme. If any scheme is giving a more return in short time than don’t invest in such a scheme. Because, it may be a fraud or greedy scheme and you may lose your wealth. Thus, only invest in what you know.

Rule No.4: Always Learn. Knowledge is power to increase your income.
Develop a habit of leaning something new. You get a new unique Business Ideas. That help in growth of your business. Knowledge is increase than you can increase your income level from different sector.

Rule No.5: Maintain your wealth by diversifying your portfolio.
Keep up to date in Maintaining your wealth by diversifying your portfolio. Invest money in different sector or industry.

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