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21 Ways to Earn Money Online for Student



21 Ways to Earn Money Online for Student

21 Ways to Earn Money Online for Student

Everyone tells you that once you complete your studies, then after going for a job and earn money. But, in this blog post, we give you an idea about 21 Ways to Earn Money Online for Student along with you can continue Your Studies.

Many of you want to know about the type of business that can be done along with study to earn some extra pocket money. This post is for those students who have exciting about doing something different.

A student who doesn’t waste their extra time in time-wasting activity, want to gain experience with study and earn money at Home.

The purpose of sharing this 21 Ways to Earn Money Online for Student is to Earn Money, to gain experience, to gain knowledge of work. Start a good Job and also start a good business after completing the study.

There are many Business Ideas for doing work at home. But here we only discuss the Business Ideas that Help Student to earn money online. Here, are the following 21 Ways to Earn Money Online for Student.


Company Hires a person who works at home by giving their Project details. So, you get money for doing this task. You cannot tie up, and employees of any company. But Leading Company approaches you for work and give money for doing this work. You can do this Freelancing work in place as you want.

In the upcoming years, the Freelancing industry becomes 20 to 30 billion dollars. After the lockdown, the demand for Freelancer is increase. Because, the company wants to reduce its Hiring cost, seat cost, office expense, and laptop.

You can start Freelancing work simply by registering with some website that gives Freelancing work. For Example, Fiver, UpWork, Freelancer, etc.

2.Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant means giving Virtual Assistance service through phone, internet to the company from your home. There are many websites giving Virtual Assistant job such as Remote, Getfriday

3.Online Tuitions

Start online Tuition. Teach a subject to the other student in which you have an exceptional knowledge.

In 2025-year, Online Tuitions Industry becomes 319 Billion dollars. during the lockdown, people accept Online education. Online Tuitions are cost-effective and more benefited.

Thus, you can start along with study and earn a good part-time income. In India, 30 crore Students are going to school. So, Online Tuitions is the best-earning source.

4.Video Influencer

in the 21st century, technology is rapidly changing. Because of that, the demand for digital advertisement through videos is increasing. Hence, you can start by becoming a Video Influencer. Large population, more mobile phones, and low-cost internet.

Thus, video content becomes more popular. You can make videos relating to cooking, biology, maths, art, craft, gardening, instruments.


If you have an interest in writing then a blog is the right solution for you. Start writing the content you love. This can be started by developing your own website or blog.

There are many income sources in blogging like AD Revenue, Affiliate Marketing. Blogging is easy to start.


Become an intern in the industry like accountancy, designing, digital marketing, sales. Many companies hire interns for completing their projects.

7.Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting and selling other person products. It’s a referral commission you earn from sales generated through you.

Affiliate Marketing is performance-based marketing. If more sales lead generated from your referral then you earn more income. This is the Best Passive Income Source that you earn even while you are Sleep. 

If you are new and want to know more Affiliate Marketing tips then check my other article 6 Best tips for Affiliate Marketing for Beginners. Where you get full details about what is Affiliate Marketing and how you can earn through it.

8.Google ADS

Small business is wanting to advertise their business model online through video and google map. Businesses want to go digital but they are unable to go. So, you become an expert o google Ads. Provide freelancing service and run Ads.

9.Facebook Business Experts

Today, everyone is on the social media platform. Thus, there is the right opportunity for you to become a Facebook business manager and run ads, Facebook marketing, sale, generate revenue, and lead. Also, start your own digital marketing agency.

10.Video Marketer

Video is growing fast. Here first you learn about how to make videos, add resources, advertise, distribution. Becoming a Video Marketer is the best way to earn money along with study out of 21 Ways to Earn Money Online for Student.

11.Translation Services

If you have expertise in any Regional Language then start Translation Services. Because many of the companies and brands want to translate their content into another language. They want to convert their Ads, Books, and articles into the other Language.

12.Network Marketing

Your Interest in Business, Finance, Money, and Products. Then you can join a good network marketing company. Where, you learn how to communicate, approach other people, build relations, products, and supply chain works.

The main role of Network Marketing in proving training to the small village people. Network Marketing seen dreams to many people. Before joining Network Marketing, know full details about the company.


You become Re-Seller by purchasing products from Wholesalers and sale them online on Amazon, Flipkart. E-Commerce Industry is growing fast.

In the year 2026, E-Commerce Industry is becoming 300 billion dollars.

14.App Development

Every Business, Brands, and Professional want to develop their App. You can give app Development Freelancing service to the Company and earn good money along with study.

15.Web Development

Web Development is a wide scope.  Easy to learn. Give services like app development, software development, and build a professional business.

16.MEME Marketing

If you are creative digital. On many channels, the company advertises its products through memes. You give MEME freelancing service which is creative, digital, relating to social media and Modern Lifestyle. Become humor of products in a legal way.

17.Content Writer

Write a Content in which you have expertise. The content writer is writing content in detail. Write a user-friendly content. content writer is a professional writer who writes engaging content that uses online. 

18. Copywriting

Copywriting is used in adverting, generate leads, sale, in fewer words. Generally used for advertising and marketing purposes. The main purpose of writing is to increase brand awareness. 

19.Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is a professional in creating LOGO, Graphics, arts who assemble together pictures, typography, and motion graphics, to create a professional Designs. If you have an interest in design then start working on it with your study.

20. Dropshipping

Dropshipping means you sell products but you don’t require it physically. You need to upload products to your online store.

Dropshipping is a method that does not require to keep a product in stock. Instead, the Store sale their product. They pass the order to another person who then supplies the order to the customer.

21. Social Media Influencer

Become Social Media Influencer is in demand. The Right Social Media Influencer can help you to reach your Target Audience. B and, build the trust of clients and drive engagement.

They help you to handle your Facebook Page, Instagram Page. Influencer helps you to promote your products and services of a brand.

You are looking for some new unique Business ideas that you can start with low investment then visit Professorlearn.

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