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20 Formulas for Staying Healthy Life



20 Formulas for Staying Healthy Life-Edueasify

To be happy in life, you have to make certain rules. In this post, I will show you the best 20 Formulas for Staying Healthy Life. by following this formula you can live a happy life. This is just a list, you can also add your own Formulas to live Healthy Life.

A small and easy change in the routine life can make you healthy and longevity. Provided you take some things for life and remove some discarded things forever. For this, adopt a simple 20 Formulas for Staying Healthy Life.

1. Get up every morning (5 pm) before sunrise and go for two or three km walks. Start the day with sun worship. This will awaken a power that will give freshness to the mind and heart.

2. Always keep the body upright, that is, if we sit, weighed, if we walk, we should keep the body tight.

3. Try to make health by food. The best way to do this is to chew the food always by chewing it happily so that the digestion is good, it will not cause any problem.

4. The main cause of obesity is oily and sweet substances. It increases fat, laziness, and lethargy in the body. Consume these substances in limited quantities.

5. Abandon heavy-heavy food or non-digestible food. Even if you have to do this, fast one time and balance it.

6. Make a habit of reducing the use of the vehicle by reducing its attachment. Walk for short distances as far as possible. This will exercise muscle, which will make you stay healthy and attractive, and will also help in protecting the environment.

7. Use more and more fruits and vegetables in food. Obtain essential oil elements from them, get essential oil for the body from natural substances only.

8. Do not let sluggishness come to mind, keep a desire to do the work promptly.

9. Do household tasks yourself- These tasks give fruits of many exercises.

10. Busyness is a boon, it is a free medicine of longevity, keep yourself busy.

11. Wear clothes to suit your personality.

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